Insinööritoimisto Ismo Lindberg Oy manages also retrofit projects.

The retrofit project include the following basic operations:

Mechanical parts retrofit:
Machine complete dismounting, inspection of all parts and repairs of bad ones (body's and column's guideways grinding, bad screw-balls replacing);
New project for cinematic chains on each axis; Replacing of all bearings from speed bow and from main spindle with new one's type FAG and INA; Replacing of all sealing elements with new BUSAK+SHAMBAN types; Repairment/replacing of telescopic covers; Painting of machine on colour requested by consumer.

Hydraulic and lubrication units retrofit:
Replacing of all existing hydraulic and lubrication units, this being redesigned using ATOS, MARZZOCHI and MP FILTRI hydraulic and DROPSA lubrication devices;

New design for electrical installation:
Complete replacing of electrical devices with new ones type GE Power controls, TELEMECANIQUE and EUROGI being placed in a new electric cabinet; Performing the hard and soft projects for the machine's new electric installation;

Installing the new FANUC i-series CNC new FANUC digital drives and motors; NOTE: Other CNC, motors and amplifiers on customer requirement.

Installing new high-fiability measuring systems (HEIDENHAIN, ISKRA TELA);

Testing and putting in fuction:

Putting in function; Functioning, accuracy and geometrical precision tests; Test part machining according ISO 230 and NAS 979 standards; Instructions of customer's employees in order to operate the machine with the new CNC equipment; Suplying technical documentation in order to operate to machine after the retroffit process. NOTE: The above mentioned operations are not limitative. We can do other operations imposed by the technical condition of machine- tool and for ensuring all precision and fiability conditions guaranteed to the and-user.

Completed Projects

During last years, EMSIL TECHTRANS Ltd. has realized many retrofit projects for customer especially medium and big size CNC machines:

- Boring and milling machines (Skona WD 160, AFP 160/180/200, Union BFK-110, BFK-130);

- Horizontal boring and milling centers (Union CBFK-150, CPAF-132);

- Five axis milling machines (Forest TC-10, VH- 2000, V-800);

- Milling machines (FU 71, FP 800, CPH-2);

- Milling centers (Johnford VMC-2000, CPH 1-5, Csepel MK-500, Yasda);

- Ggrinding machines (Niles ZSTZ-08);

- Normal lathes (Ernault Somua, SN 1800x8000);

- Vertical lathes (SC-22, SC-80/107);

- Special machines (Bic Line 01).